Saturday, March 21, 2009

Touch 'em all

Ken made the trip south to Bouse, AZ, to see his Mom (who regrettably is not doing well). He extended his stay by one day to see me and take in a Mariners spring training game. It was a beautiful day in Peoria to watch a game - sunny, high clouds and about 90 degrees. Ken was sucking down anything that was cold in an effort to lower his body temperature.

Most of the Mariner starters took the day off, but Ken Griffey Jr. was the designated hitter for the day. He hit in to a double play the first time up, a weak liner to short on his next trip to the plate, then he put his sweet swing on a pitch and hit a two run homer down the right field line, over the 340 marker. Despite his efforts, the Ms still lost 6 - 5.

Ken and I spent the evening smoking cigars, having a drink, eating, and sitting by the pool shooting the breeze. Ken even jumped in the pool for a quick cool down. It was very pleasant. I'm glad he took an extra day to visit me.

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