Friday, July 24, 2009

Bison, elk and bear - oh my.

Our ride today from Bozeman to Cody took us through Yellowstone, entering at the north entrance near Gardiner and exiting at the northeast entrance, ending at bottom of Beartooth Pass in Red Lodge.
What a ride.
Again, Dave will post pics I'm sure. He is still smiling. Steve, Rob and Pat enjoyed it so much they rode it twice.
We saw elk at the north entrance, a bear somewhere along the road and a bison walked down the road toward me just before we left the park.

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CiaoBella! said...

I'm finally back to tracking your progress. Looks like a great time!
We have had lots of company and are crabbing and blackberry picking in our spare time. We picked a spare quart of berries this am so Tom gets a fresh berry pie this afternoon.

I enjoy Dave and Paige's blog, too. Tell them hi for me and have a safe ride!