Thursday, July 30, 2009

What I learned in 3,682 miles

I learned I have some gr8 friends. I hope they didn't tire of me, I didn't get tired of being around them.

Pat and I learned to buy new tires before a 3,000 mile ride, rather than planning to buy tires after the ride.

I learned again that I am not as good of a motorcycle rider as I think I used to be.

I learned again how lucky I am to be in the position to be able to take a two week ride with my friends and not have to go back to work.

I learned that not everyone appreciates a Corbin seat. Steve rode about 40 miles on mine and called it a wooden bench. As for me, I made the full ride sans monkey butt - and that's a good thing.

I learned that it is always good to be home - even if that home is on wheels.


Paige and Dave said...

Good Job on the blog update! Dave

Anonymous said...

Rob said, "I can stand anybody for two weeks...........well not Gerry!". It was another great ride and it's nice we all get along so long as I get my way that is. What I learned in 3,682 miles is that Dave is a jokester, Pat is a really good rider, Scott does not like IHop, Steve is an excellent rode captain, and my beemer makes my butt look big.