Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I found some saddlebags and delivered them to Tonkin's Custom Paint for finishing. Since Dave is staying there, he can oversee that portion of the project.
I heard from my insurance adjuster - the check is in the mail. Upon hearing that, I made a run to Owens Cycles in Yakima and spent $1,000 on bits and pieces. The handlebars should be back on soon.
Found a couple small dents in the rear fender and the estimate was amended to reflect that. Forrest can fix the fender after the Spud Run.

New handlebars, chrome levers and Kuryakin grips are installed. Everything works! Started the bike. Bought a new windshield and ordered some other parts.


Anonymous said...

Things moving along quickly. You'll be back on the road in no time at all. You mentioned when you purchased the motorcycle that you wished that the guys in Bremerton could have done the paint on the saddlebags (Jan 28). Now it shall be done.

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Paige and Dave said...

This Forrest's world and I oversee nothing, but I'll lend a hand were and when I can. Dave

Anonymous said...

Rob says,"glad to hear that things are finally progressing". I was beginning to think we wouldn't be seeing you on our ride this year. Only two more weeks gentlemen. Steve, Pat, and I are planning to do "Austrailia" the weekend of the 11th. Will you still be in town Dave? The ride route was called Austrailia because Pat thought the route looked like the outline of Austrailia. Yes, Pat's still drinking alot. More later.