Sunday, July 5, 2009

Don't go there

When a person or couple become full-timers (living full time in your RV), it is almost inevitable that some stuff will get put in to storage.
It is also inevitable that visits will be made to the storage unit.
Don't do it.
I walked through my past for a few minutes this morning. I was sure that there was stuff that I just had to have with me in my motorhome. There were a few things - silverware (now that I have drawers in my kitchen), my battery powered skill saw, some wood hangers and my back scratcher.
There were lots of things that I would love to have around me - my leather couch, big flat screen tv, my bed, tools, art, clothes that I used to wear.
I left the storage unit a little depressed. I wish my kids would use this stuff. Erica's little apartment is already overflowing and Thom is searching for a place of his own. There is still hope that he will take most of it.
A lot more stuff will be going to the Goodwill store before I leave for Arizona.


Paige and Dave said...

I find comfort in the fact that my stuff is waiting for me somehow. I was happy to note the last time I was there, I still liked (what I could see) the stuff I'd saved. I'm not sure Dave feels the same.

Scott said...

But when I saw my stuff, I knew I would never have anyplace to use it. You may still have that option.

Jane and John Weichert said...

Our stuff is still in a house and we are realizing how little we care about all of it. Your kids are still young and may have room someday.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take a hard look at what is there and either donate it or have a yard sale. Pare it down to what you 'really' want to save. Unfortunately you are paying rent on storage for items that you will never use or no longer want. Once the items are gone you will never miss them.