Saturday, September 18, 2010

On my way to AJ


Had Friday dinner with Ross and Patti Friday night, got in the motorhome and drove to Prosser, WA, for a nights stay at Wine Country RV Park. Full hook-ups, cable television, wifi, $29 - but pay showers?

Got up and hit the road at 8 headed east on 82, merged on to 84 in Oregon headed for Idaho.  Pulled off in Wendell, ID, for Saturday night. Staying at Intermountain RV Camp. Water and 30 amp service in the pull thrus, no cable, but has wifi - $20. Still pay showers! Pretty setting. 413 miles. A shorter day tomorrow - I promise! Maybe just to Ely, NV.

US Route 93 out of Twin Falls, Idaho, is the pits. Rougher than a corn cob. As soon as you cross in to Nevada it smooths out - except for the areas under construction. To someone driving a car, this route in northern Nevada must be boring as hell, but in a motorhome with a crosswind, it's plenty exciting. I stopped in  Wells to catch my breath and get gas. On my normal walk around I noticed that two of the tires on the trailer were wearing funny. As it happens, the Shell station was also a tire store. The owner said that the bias plies had separated. Buying new trailer tires was on my list of things to do, just not right now. Near as I could tell, these were still the original bias ply tires. The owner was sympathetic and said he had four good used Goodyear radial trailer tires. Now I have them.

I made it a short day so I could watch the NASCAR race and the Seahawk game - besides I'm retired. I am spending Sunday afternoon and night at the Ely KOA. A little pricey at $39, but I'm worth it. Only 277 miles today. I was off the road by noon local time.

Up early again and no reason not to get moving, so I did. 454 miles to Blythe, CA, on the Colorado River. An elevation drop of about 4,000 feet. Only 185 miles to go tomorrow. As usual, driving thru Las Vegas is the pits, but it was better than last time. Route 93 between Needles and Vidal Junction has to be one of the worst 2 lane roads in the country. There were delays on 93 so I didn't cross Hoover Dam one last time. The bypass bridge is scheduled to open in October.

Here are my hot feet soaking in the cool Colorado River.

Arrived about noon. Moved a shed, got the truck running, opened up my awning for the first time since I left AJ in May. About 100 degrees. Floated in the pool a couple times. My ac is finally catching up and it's after 8! May ride up to Payson tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good catch on the tires, better to find the problem at a gas station than watch one, or more, disintegrate going down the freeway.

Anonymous said...

Rob said, "Who would pay to watch you shower?"

Scott said...

Rob there is something just plain wrong with the wiring in your brain.