Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Staying busy

Sold my little 4 x 8 shed to Frank and Kristi, moved it to their site in the park. Got my trailer situated on my site with John's help. Got the motorhome parked and all of the services connected. Put all of the stuff that was in the small shed in the bigger shed that I bought from Dave and Paige. Got the broken windshield on the Ranger replaced. Have an appointment to get the rear tire on the Harley replaced tomorrow.
Still have a long list of things that need to be done. I was hoping that the temperature would drop 20 degrees or so before I started them. Need to wash the motorhome and put on the window shades. I have to organize the new shed, but am going to wire it first - after Larry gets here to help me.
I bet you thought that I just float in the pool all day. That reminds me.... This is me and Dave last year, but you get the general idea.


Anonymous said...

You have plenty to do. Too bad you left for the sunny south just as the weather up in the NW was getting 'better'.

Paige said...

We're on the way, it can be you guys in a few days!