Thursday, September 30, 2010

WalMart workers

Seems the battery in my truck didn't hold up over the summer months. The truck started right up when I connected the battery, but over the course of the week, it died.
Since it was a WalMart battery, I returned it to them in case there was some warranty left. There was! They gave me $44.45 for it.  While I was there, I decided to get the oil changed, too.  Waiting for that to be completed, I browsed the auto parts area and picked up some wiper blades and an air filter.  When the boys in the lube bay completed their job, the paperwork magically spit out of the printer under the sales counter.  The work order did not include the battery.  The guy behind the desk went out to the garage to get it straightened out. A new piece of paper came forth from the printer. The sales clerk rang everything up, I slid my ATM card through the card reader, he handed me my receipt and I drove home. Looking at the paperwork when I got back to the park...
They didn't charge me for the oil change!
I'm not going back - it would just confuse them further.
We've all seen the e-mails with pictures of the people of WalMart. Maybe they should include some of the people that work there, too.


Anonymous said...

Rob said, "I thought for sure there was going to be a TGI joke in there somewhere". I hope your picture doesn't show up in one of those emails now! What were you wearing?

Scott said...

Rob, this is NOT one of those XXX websites! It's none of your business what I'm wearing.