Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Hola! Feliz Cinco De Mayo amigos y amigas!

I visited historic old town Albuquerque today. A very pleasant day. It started with a drive down historic Route 66. Sadly, like so many things, the romantic version of it is better than reality. There are a few buildings left from the halcyon days of yore, but most are boarded up and for sale, in various stages of disuse.

The San Felipe church anchors Old Town. It is still an active Catholic church and school.

Old Town is mostly small shops selling the same things. There are some authentic native American run stores and there are local artists/vendors on the sidewalks.

I'm okay, but my bike isn't. I got bumped at a stop light. She had stopped her Lincoln Towncar, I saw that, but her foot slipped or something and she hit me. I didn't get knocked down and the only damage I can find is my right saddlebag and the bent license plate. She has insurance and so do I. The bike is rideable.


CiaoBella! said...

I checked your blog yesterday and didn't see that post from Saturday! So, on top of it all, some "lady" dinged your bike. I hope that cheered you up!! (Joke) Did you at least get a margarita to celebrate today?? Just in case, I'll go have one for you now! btw, did u get yur 'Economic Stimulus Payment'? Tom's ssn ends in 17 and our tax refunds are dir/dep, so ours is in. Make plans!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the ding on your bike.... was she cute at all? ;~O

Scott said...

Got my ESP and paid my VISA bill.
No, she wasn't cute. Would be a cotton top if she wasn't native american.

Frank said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your bike but at least you didn't get injured. Bikes are repairable!

Kuma said...

hello, nice trip! beautiful region. damage to the motorcycle bag. see you