Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Do you know the way to Sante Fe?

The weather prognosticators predicted 80, sunny and breezy. Their job is pretty easy here this time of year. A perfect day for a ride to Sante Fe. Did you sing the title to this post?

I had three reasons for the trip: 1. Go for a ride 2. See the Georgia O'Keefe Museum 3. Go to another of the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" - The Tecolote Cafe.

I started out early following Route 66 (Central Ave) through town which connects with Hiway 333 and 337 and took me to the village of Tijeras, the start of The Turquoise Trail - Hiway 14 to Sante Fe.

Stopping in Madrid for a quick bite and a cup of coffee at The Java Junction was very enjoyable. It's a friendly, artsy, funky former mining town that died once and was resurrected in 1970 as a commune. That attitude still prevails.

Continuing on to Sante Fe, I found the cafe, but decided to go to the museum first as I had just had a bite to eat in Madrid. Sante Fe is an upscale, yuppy vacation wonderland. It has some wonderful museums, it was just too bad that the O'Keefe Museum was closed to prepare for a new exhibit. Damn. I wandered through town (almost bought a $600 bracelet for myself - I still might) and visited a few galleries and museums. Marvelous stuff.

By now it's 2 o'clock and time for lunch so I head back to Tecolote Cafe only to find that it closes at 2. Damn.

I jump on the bike remembering another dive that I wanted to try - The Doghouse. Foot long hot dogs split, grilled, topped with hot chili (no beans), cheese and onions. What a great dog!

So, I got my ride, have to wait a week to go to the O'Keefe Museum and won't eat before I get to Sante Fe next time. There is one leg of the Turquoise Trail that I didn't ride - to the top of Sandia Crest on 536, elevation 10,678 ft.
Next time.


CiaoBella! said...

Sounds like a great day!! Even if some things were closed. We have a new moon so things are looking up! Tom dug 3 limits of razor clams and is having a good time visiting with Cliff and his bro, Larry. Wish I were in Santa Fe. I think it's 40 degrees here, and raining of course! 80 degrees sounds pretty wonderful!

Scott said...

I won't complain about the "breeze", the weather is great and the forcast is the same for the next week. I wish you were here, too. I know you like it down here.