Monday, July 7, 2008

Laundry day

I may even run the vacuum over my worn out rug and mop my kitchen and bathroom with a sponge. That should take half an hour. No other plans.

Made an appointment to get the bike serviced on Wednesday at Yamaha Jacks in Ellensburg. Odd that a place named Yamaha Jacks is an authorized Honda service shop. I just want the piece of mind that the bike is in tip top shape before I ride around Oregon later this month with Rob, Steve, Pat and Gerald.

I started reading a Jason Bourne book that wasn't written by Robert Ludlum. Movies always ruin things. We all know that Matt Damon's wife died in India and that they didn't have any kids. Now I know that she died on a skiing trip and that they had two kids. I'm so confused.

I need more movies - or a dish. Actually I haven't missed the run of the mill shows, but there are a few - Monk, House, Bones, Numb3rs, Psych and baseball games and the races. Le Tour has started and if I had a dish I'd be watching it at 4 in the morning, drugs or no drugs.


CiaoBella! said...

I'm ba-ack! It's quite a recovery process, plus Tom installed V's new water heater on Saturday, took the boat out of the water that night, and we picked blackberries on Sunday. Need I say I baked a pie on Monday? I think you should look around Cle Elum for a cabin to call home. People who work in Bellevue even commute from CE. Glad to hear you are enjoying Soap Lake. We have a lot of friends and family you could visit in Coulee (Grand) if you go north. One friend even rides! All is well; no one got burnt but the wind blew all the works back towards the house and roof. Embers covered the deck. The hose was put to good use! PS, don't tell anyone about the pie!! We are hoarding it!

Scott said...

If only I could afford something around Ellensburg or Cle Elum. Nice of Tom to fix Ronnie's water heater. Mmmmm blackberry....