Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Skokiam "Healing Waters"

Soap Lake was formed by a glacier a few years back. It is filled with ground water that has seeped through the lava beds in the area. The many minerals in the lava leached in to the lake with the flow of the ground water. It is a soft mineral lake with it's most abundant mineral what is commonly known as washing soda rather than calcium salts found in hard mineral lakes. The water is stratified in layers that do not mix with one another. Skin, circulartory, digestive and joint problems seem to be the disorders most commonly treated by bathing in and drinking the water.

Okay, that's the science portion of today's programming. The water is sparkling clear and inviting. One step towards the water from shore sinks you in muck above your ankles. Don't wear sandals that you want to keep in this stuff. This may not be true at the south end of the lake in town - I'll check it out later. The minerals leave an oily feeling on the skin that is hard to wash off with non-lake water. I haven't tasted it yet.

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