Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Soap Lake home

Here I sit at the Soap Lake RV Park. Tough life.

The first is a view to the south towards the city of Soap Lake, the second is my humble abode. Dangerous thunder/wind/hail storm predicted for tonight. I had best put up the awning.

I still have not been able to locate a shop that can perform the required service to my bike before the start of my scheduled 2,000 mile ride around Oregon with my friends from the shipyard. I'll call a couple more shops tomorrow.


Clarity said...

I enjoy travel a lot so am glad I visited your blog. The pictures of the scenic areas are well composed. Feel free to visit my new blog although there isn't much on travel there yet, some day God willing, ... ciao

Scott said...

I'm so happy you found my blog. I've been to the UK - Scotland, Wales and northern England, but not to London. I avoid the hectic. I didn't learn much from your profile, but I see that having an anonymous blog is something you must do before you turn 30. Congrats - you've done it.

Scott said...

I accidently deleted some comments. My apologies.

Clarity said...

Lol, I didn't know I could alter my profile, how anonymous of me? Well if it's worth anything I hope to someday film in that area, it lends itself well to the camera.

If you find yourself in Long Beach, make sure you check out "Acres of Books", I've just blogged about it.