Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What price peace of mind?

$333.73. At least that's how much it cost today.

My 1999 Honda Shadow A.C.E. Tourer has just over 25,000 miles. It has never given me a bit of trouble. I change the oil and filter and spark plugs and air filter on a regular schedule, but as I cruise down the hiways my mind's ear hears every strange noise, just waiting for trouble.

I shouldn't have worried. The mechanic at Yamaha Jack's gave it a thorough going over. Changed all of the fluids - oil, coolant, brake fluid - adjusted carbs, changed plugs and filters. He found nothing wrong and said whoever was doing the maintenance was doing a good job (unbelievably my head got bigger).

I charged out of the shop, headed for the old Vantage Hiway only to have the engine die. He turned the gas off when he parked it (just like I was taught to do but don't). Okay, try it again - runs great. Stopped in Vantage for gas and Gatorade. The temperature is tickling triple digits, there is fresh asphalt on the east bound lanes of I-90. Yikes!! I almost wish I didn't have a windshield so I could get some air to lower my body temperature a little. I stop twice near irrigation sprinklers to get a little spray, hoping that they are only spraying water. The state should put in some picnic areas like I've seen in other states, I could use some shade. I finally reach Ephrata and find that shade I've been seeking. I stuff my jacket in the saddlebag, my shoulders can burn, I don't care. Soap Lake is only 6 miles away anyway.

I am home now, the air conditioner is running at full speed, the temperature in the coach is down to 87. Bliss.


CiaoBella! said...

Do you have time to meet Mom and me in Leavenworth next week -- if I can fit it in Monday or Tuesday?

Scott said...

Sure. Sent you an e-mail.