Monday, October 13, 2008


I am firmly ensconced in my winter home. The Superstition Mountains look over my shouder. The moon rising over them was amazing. More tomorrow - I'm tired.
Here is a pic of the new bike:
I am excited to get it shipped down here.


Dan said...

Very nice!

MW said...

Shipped??? Why not fly up here and ride it down? Sissy. :)

Maybe you could get your own reality show..."Then came Minshull!" Hiway chase sceens, lots of shooting, of course you'd do all your own stunts. Or maybe Dave would help you out.

Good to hear you finally moved your truck...still leaves you with one vehicle to sell, huh? Hey, I had to scrape ice on my windshield the other you miss that huh?


Scott said...

Yeah Mike, I miss that ice scraping a lot. It was only 76 when we got here, but it should reach the 90s this weekend.

Bob said...

Beautiful bike Scott! Here is wishing you many safe miles. Bob