Friday, October 10, 2008

Travelers Beware

Along with the threat of snow, CalTrans has advised all campers, travel trailers and motorhomes stay off the roads near the California/Nevada border.
Another night here is prudent.
The fresh water hose froze last night, a few flakes are in the air, the coach is covered in icicles (the landscape sprinklers worked over night), the gray water valve is frozen open.....
another night is prudent.

SNOW!! windy and cold...brrrrrrrr.


Anonymous said...

Why sure, you betcha, another day is prudent. Quite rightly yes. Another day of touring the back roads can't be all bad. If those danged Alaskans/BCers would keep their weather up there and stop sending it south it would make the world a better place.

Scott said...

A bit disappointing in that I had hoped to avoid cold weather totally this year. I knew I wanted to head south a couple weeks earlier.

Bob said...

Low 70's and sunny again here in Minnesota today Scott...We all know that won't last long. Bob