Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Thanks to a missed turn, I made a loop around Mt. Shasta on my way to The Bordertown Casino and RV Park. What a beautiful mistake. Hiway 89 is a wonderful drive thru the Lassen National Forrest. The RV park is very nice and we got coupons for free drinks! None of us are gamblers, but we'll hit the buffet at least once. We're staying two nights as Dave and I plan to go for a ride tomorrow on Hiway 49. Looking forward to getting the Tourer out of the trailer.


Anonymous said...

hey stranger, keeping up with your travels sure makes me wish retirement was coming a lot sooner!! I believe my better half is willing to travel but hopes of getting him on a motorcycle are slim--a girl can dream. I had hoped to see you while you were home, but knew you had limited time. Hope & pray for happy & safe travel for you. thanks for the reports

Scott said...

Hi TJ! There were so many friends that I wish I had seen while in the area, but time seemed to fly. Hope all is well with you and yours.