Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heading north

Well, three weeks and a thousand dollars later - Durango Harley Davidson has failed to even look at my bike, let alone complete a repair estimate.
The trailer coupler has been replaced so it is safe to tow. I bought new tie down straps and have decided to just push the wreck back in the trailer and head north. I'll hope for better service from a dealer in Washington.
I'll park the RV at my brother's house and take the bike to Yakima.

The general manager from Owen Cycles (the Harley dealership in Yakima) called me today and said that they would complete the estimate on the same day that I deliver the bike to them.
That's how things are supposed to be done.


Anonymous said...

Rob and Steve say, you better get moving on the bike situation or you'll be riding bitch with Dave Lust!

CiaoBella! said...

Get home fast!! and safe!

Anonymous said...

I had thought that was your developing plan after you mentioned they wheeled it in the shop days late then never a word on the estimate. It could have been a month or so before they actually got around to begin the repairs, let alone finishing them. Very unfortunate that the only Harley shop in the Durango area is not into supporting their clients.

Anonymous said...

What kind of last name is that (LUST), you're making it up! You'd never publish someones real last name on an open web site without their permission!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate that the bike repairs didn't work out. On the up-side you had a chance to look around the Durango area which probably wasn't on your itinerary this year. With any luck the shop in Yakima will get it repaired in time for your mid summer ride.

Have a safe drive to your brothers place.

Anonymous said...

You might want to pull your trailer instead of pushing it.