Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Valley of monumental sights

Another short drive, just up highways 89, 160 and 163 to Monument Valley, Utah. No cell phone coverage, but free wifi. We will explore the valley tomorrow in Dave and Paige's Jeep. My white Harley is not going for a run in this red dirt. Here are the views from the RV park. I'll write more later.

The view from the park is great. Can't wait to see everything up close tomorrow on the 3 hour tour.


We opted for the self guided ride thru the valley in lieu of the $50 ride in an open flat bed truck. I'm glad we did. The Navajo guided tours went to a few places we couldn't go, but we saw enough to be thoroughly awe struck.

Dave took a panoramic video and will be posting it on their blog page.

I part ways with Paige and Dave tomorrow. I am lucky to have good friends and good people with whom to travel.


Jane and John Weichert said...

Pretty impressive so far

gerrycammy said...

looks hot....


Scott said...

Not as hot as it is in Apache Junction (104) and about the same as Bremerton!

Anonymous said...

Photos look good. Self guided tours are best as you go at your speed, no ones pushes to get to the next 'spot'.

Paige and Dave said...

Hope we will see you sooner than later; safe travels always. Give our best to all those who's friendship we share that you may meet along your way. Dave