Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What a wonderful drive from Durango, CO to Taos, NM via highways 160, 84 and 64. This route takes you through beautiful rolling countryside. Through ranches. Between peaks of the mountain ranges along the route. Alongside numerous rivers.

After an easy 5 hour drive (with breaks), Carolyn and I arrived in Taos and checked in to the Sagebrush Inn. The Sagebrush was built in 1929 and the third floor loft was for a three month period, the home of Georgia O'Keefe. R.C. Gorman also visited the Inn. Many of his works hang in the hallways. Parts of "Easy Rider" were filmed behind the Inn.

Christine - take a trip to Taos and spend the night. Wander the halls and view all of the art work. I especially enjoyed the frescoes installed at the time of construction.

We wandered the plaza. Carolyn found many treasures to take home as reminders of her vacation. We visited the St. Francis of Asisi church. How many artists have recreated this structure? We visited Taos Pueblo. We stared at the Rio Grande gorge and Chimney Rock. It was a very enjoyable trip.


Anonymous said...

Where is that canyon at and what is the name of the stream at the bottom? Looks like the people there have been busy taking care of their dwellings.

Scott said...

Rio Grande Gorge. The "stream" is the Rio Grande.

Anonymous said...

Appears at first glance as very similar to the Crooked River in Central Oregon where 97 crosses it.