Saturday, March 1, 2008

Boxes, boxes, boxes

I hesitate to speak about the sale of my house or my plans until I have a check in hand. My house is full of boxes - empty and full. I have rented a storage unit and bought an enclosed trailer for the bike.

I had dinner on Friday with part of the Peurta Vallarta crowd that helped me thru my tough times. Many thanks to Steve, Michelle, Dave, DJ (not BJ!), Rob and Debi for including me and teaching me to drink Margaritas. I hope Old Dave takes advantage of your friendship, too.

If everything goes well, I'll be on the road on the 11th.


Scott said...

Joey stopped by to tell me that the appraisal went well and that I should sign the final papers Wednesday or Thursday and be out of the house Monday or Tuesday.

Aunt Mary said...

Nice looking Minnie, Scott! We can't believe it's finally happening, can you? Let us know before you take off!!
Aunt Mary

Scott said...

I sign the papers today at 3.