Friday, March 28, 2008

Matt's Big Breakfast

Dave and Paige are fans of a television show called "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on the Food network. Every restaurant that has been featured on the show is programmed in to Dave's Garmin GPS unit. Yesterday we had breakfast in downtown Phoenix at Matt's Big Breakfast . While the breakfast is big, the building is not. When we arrived there were quite a few people standing in line outside the door. It took a while for a table large enough for the five of us to open up. All of the food is fresh, free range, chemical free, etc. The restaurant does not have a freezer. The orange juice comes with pulp and seeds, the coffee is free trade. The very busy wait staff is friendly and used to the requests to take pictures of people stuffing their faces. A local news channel was there talking to supporters of the basketball teams that are in town. They didn't talk to us - we were too busy eating and laughing.

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CiaoBella! said...

Right after I read your blog, I saw this show on cable. Sounds like fun! Tom and I like the little hole in the wall places; if there's a Denny's or chain on one side of the road, and a local hang out on the other, we choose to hang! Very cool; I hope we get to try this place next year!