Monday, March 10, 2008

Empty nest

The house is empty. Ross, Steve, Ken and I moved most of my belongings to a storage unit in Ellensburg on Saturday. I spent the next two nights sleeping on the floor. I took one last shower and washed a final load of clothes, emptied the fridge (crap I need ice) and loaded the bike in the trailer. I visited a gas station and put $111.50 worth of gas in the tank then invested $16 on a locking gas cap. It will keep the honest folks honest anyway. I still need propane and fresh water and I need to sit down and study the operator's manuals for the appliances.

My back is killing me, but I got a letter from my chiropractor letting me know that he had retired. What's up with that? I don't remember giving him permission.

I didn't get around to say good-bye to everyone, but it's just an extended vacation. I plan to be back up here in July. I'm just a mouse click or a cell call away

Any ideas on photo hosting sites?

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