Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Great Flood of '08

Upon returning to my RV after bumming my morning cup of coffee from Dave & Paige, I noted a large puddle of water under the Minnie. I immediately went to the faucet to turn it off. One of my good Samaritan neighbors had already done so. Somehow the fresh water had gone directly to the holding tank, filled it, then overflowed out of the toilet. Yuck!! A panicked phone call brought Dave to the rescue with a small carpet cleaner/vacuum and towels. The last few hours have been spent cleaning and drying. The next few will be spent figuring out just how the tank got filled when I wasn't using it and why the tank level indicator doesn't work.

Update: Everything is much drier now. It appears that the toilet flush lever got stuck open.

Oh yeah, I tried turning on the bathroom fan just now - the fan blades shattered due to age and exposure to too much sun.

AND Paige found a single cup coffee maker for me.


Erica said...

I don't get it... Coffee maker from me and Thom too good for the road? Or did I miss something? LOL! Sorry to hear of the mess you found. Love from your kid. =)

Scott said...

Too big, or so I thought. It didn't fit in any of the cupboards, but I miss it - and you!