Monday, March 24, 2008

Pace yourself

I guess this is real retirement. No where to be, no chores, no schedule. My rush to get down here is a distant memory. Days are spent avoiding sweating. Evenings are spent eating pupus and enjoying good company. Happy hour starts - whenever. I have a sandal tan on my feet and am learning to wear a hat whenever I step out into the sunshine. I am thinning the crop of oranges in the tree outside my door. I did laundry yesterday. The laundry room is adjacent to the pool. This should be a requirement for all public laundries. No better way to pass the time it takes to refresh one's wardrobe. I brought too many clothes. This may not be true when I reach colder climes.

Oh yeah - nothing broke today. I even ran the air conditioner for a few minutes to make sure it worked.

We will be having a seperation party this week. Two couples are headed north (one flying, one driving). Dave, Paige and I will be heading east on the 3rd for New Mexico. I should call Chris and Don and tell them I'm coming. Dave and Paige are staying in Las Cruces and drinking pistachio wine. I wonder if it turns your lips purple.


Aunt Mary said...

Stay in Las Cruces with them for a few days, it's a great town! Pistachios are green, aren't they? Christine has trees full! And she would love to visit you in Las Cruces, show you the town, then take you to Tularosa. Have you seen my blog which is now up and running?

Scott said...

Used to be the only way you could buy pistachios was dyed red/purple so your fingers always turned the same color when eating the nuts.