Wednesday, March 26, 2008

View from the Top

Dave, Bill and I rode our motorcycles to the lookout point on South Mountain. Most roads in the Phoenix area are flat, straight and 45 mph so the trip to the mountains was unremarkable with the exception of the beautiful weather (high 80s and not a cloud in sight). The view from the top was obscured by a combination of smog, dust from the fields being worked and smoke from the remnants of the Southern Road fire (about 300 acres) that was recently contained.
No problems to report. I finally found the LP gas fill valve gasket that I need. Now if I should ever decide to cook something on my range top, it will be possible and I could run the heater if it got cold. Chances of either are slim to none.

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Aunt Mary said...

It sounds as tho you have the hang of the retired life!