Friday, June 20, 2008

The Bronzes of Lander, Wyoming

On the short "must see" list when visiting Lander, Wyoming is a tour of the Eagle Bronze Foundry . The community, businesses and patrons have taken the opportunity to commission statues for the area. As you drive in to town from the south you pass this cowboy riding herd on three longhorns

From the north, you will see "Sweet Tooth" digging for honey in a rotten stump.

There are reproductions of sculptures by Remington, pronghorns are as plentiful in town as in the surrounding meadows, and the flower holding prairie dog is "cute".

My days are pretty lazy. I get up early, have some coffee at the local coffee shop (Folklore) and check my e-mail, then ride for a few hours before the heat of the day sets in. Most of the real "sights" are at the end of gravel roads - mining towns and ghost towns and wildlife sanctuaries. If the road isn't too rutted I give them a try. I spend the evenings making sure nothing has rattled loose on the bike. In the afternoon I read. The folks at the library have been nice about letting me borrow books without getting a card. The library closes at 4 on Friday, I have to go.


CiaoBella! said...

Nice! Buy one for your motorhome!

Anonymous said...

Scott...the photos of the statues remind me of similar statues I saw in Dallas of a herd of stallions running through a fountain. There were amazingly life-like.