Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two things to remember in Yellowstone

The maximum speed in the park is 45. You're on vacation. Slow down and enjoy it. Thom and I grew tired of having California freeway drivers riding our rear tires through the park.

Don't get to close to the bison. They recommend 25 yards. On Thursday a 12 year old boy from Pennsylvania got tossed by a bull. The family was posing one or two FEET from the bull even though other park visitors told them to get away.

Enough soap box dissertation, I'll start posting pictures.

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Paige and Dave said...

And the baby bear said, 'Yellowstone park is just right' !!! Aside from the California drivers, hope you had fun. You will have to come out to Maryland and confuse the locals with those 'blinky lights'(turn signals) on your car!