Friday, June 6, 2008

Zion National Park

What a difference. At the Grand Canyon I spent all of my time looking down over the edge, at Zion I spent all of my time looking up. You must ride in the shuttles provided by the park along the scenic road that runs up the bottom of the canyon. The shuttles stop at eight locations after departing from the visitor center. It was pleasant, but I was impressed much more by the Kolob Terrace Road that Dave told me to ride.

Maybe that's why I liked it more - I got to ride it instead of sitting in a bus. The road starts at the community of Virgin, Utah. It jogs in and out of the western edge of the park and covers a much more varied landscapes. I rode from a high desert to a high meadow and finally to the high mountain lake at 8,118 ft. Access to many of Zion's back country trails are from this road. The number of homes at the top of the road is very surprising.

If you get hungry while at Zion, I strongly recommend Oscar's in Springdale just outside the park. I had a huge garlic burger smothered in onions and mushrooms.

Uf da!

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Paige and Dave said...

"Kolob Terrace Road": Would you have believed the variety or terrain on that rout; nothing much there at the end but what a journey. Did you see the place where you're suddenly on the ridge with just a few feet of shoulder on either side into the canyons, cool. DAL