Monday, June 2, 2008

Went there, did that, no shirt

Today I drove north on the Devil's Highway (old 666, now 491) so I could say that I have been to Four Corners. My brothers and sisters remember Four Corners as the tavern just south of the Hood Canal Bridge that Gram and Alec visited on a regular basis, but this is the only point in the continental United States where four states meet. It is a Navajo Park and the entry fee is $3 per person. It is also a place where the local Navajos can sell their jewelry, ceramics, arrows, T shirts and flat bread. After stretching my legs and looking at the vistas surrounding the monument, I drove Highway 160 along the southern edge of Monument Valley. Most of the "valley" is above 6,000 ft. It really is quite impressive and would require further investigation if I were younger, in better shape and most of it wasn't fenced off.
RV parks are far and few between around Tuba City, so I took what I could get and hope for better at the south rim of the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I plan to spend a few nights in the area, see if there is a stand-by list for mule rides and hike part of the Rim Trail.


CiaoBella! said...

Did you find Jim Chee? Isn't it great country?!!

Anonymous said...

To ciaobella

For abdominal aortic stents contact

Dr Angela Diamond
1225 Campbell Way
Bremerton Wa 98310

She is board certified in both thoracic and vascular surgery. Considered one of the best vascular surgeons west of Denver.

Good luck.

CiaoBella! said...

To anonymous:
Thanks for the info. We'll check it out. After more investigation, I understand from today's conversation with the Everett surgeon that there is a new stent, longer, covering above and below the Y to the kidneys, and more suitable to Tom's needs. This stent should be available before the end of the year, once approved after testing in England. If problems, either the regular stents or abdominal surgery will ensue.

The surgeon thinks Tom's aneurysms will remain stable until this fall, not enlarged, if his blood pressure is totally controlled which it currently is. On July 17th, Tom will have an MRI to verify that the aneurysms are stable. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I can't thank you enough for your information, and you have brought me to the conclusion that we need a second opinion, which we shall seek. I'm not sure we'll go clear to Bremerton, but perhaps Seattle. My best wishes to you and your dad and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Scott...still following and enjoying your blogs. Love the photos.

Stromtrooper said...

Well, I'm jealous... again. I'd really like to make it to the grand canyon one of these days...

In other news, you'll be happy to know that I've fallen into a caravan for the trip to Yellowstone; Jenny's parents are going to Pullman to visit her that weekend so I'll stick with them that far then all the way from Bozeman to Gig Harbor I'll be with Lyndsey. Hope that puts your mind to rest a bit.

CiaoBella! said...

Thank you, anonymous. Isn't his blog great?

I thought Stormtrooper was comin' to the Canyon?????

Frank said...

I love the 666 and the 4-corners area. Have fun!