Sunday, June 22, 2008


The names and places in the area have sounded familiar to me ever since I arrived in the valley - Wind River, Ethete, Fort Washakie (where Sacajawea is buried). I didn't remember why until I visited the library yesterday and browsed through the "honor books".

Margaret Coel.

I am a Tony Hillerman fan. I'm certain that I've read everything he's written. To pass the time between the issuance of his books, I've searched for similar work.

Margaret Coel and Father John O'Malley.

Her books are centered around the "Wind River Reservation" just outside of Lander. Father John runs the Jesuit mission and is always discovering bodies when he is not solving all of the problems of the people around him.

I head for Yellowstone tomorrow and meet Thom on Tuesday. I can't wait to see him.


Erica said...

Hi Dad!! Say "hi" to Thom for me - and be sure that we all know that he and you made it to your rendezvous safely! =) E

Paige and Dave said...

Have a great time with Thom, be sure to wait for Old Faithful to blow - it's worth it! And watch for the bison... we look forward to seeing pictures and hearing tales when you come out the other side, p

CiaoBella! said...

Hi to both of you from GG, Tom and I. Hope you're having a great time where the geysers stink!!!