Sunday, June 1, 2008

Every day is a learning experience

Where have I heard that before? I think Duane points that out regularly.

What have I learned in the 12 weeks that I've been on the road? That I have good friends and a supportive family, that I don't mind being alone but appreciate the company of others, that I don't take up a lot of space and that I like sunshine.

I have no idea where I'll settle down or when, but it will be in a sunny place. I like being brown and warm. I like getting up in the morning and putting on shorts and not much else.

I look forward to seeing all of you in a month or so, but I'll be back down this way in the fall. Maybe not Albuquerque, although it's nice enough.

Where is that perfect place? Sunny but not too hot, enough rain to keep down the dust but not enough to make me blue, winters that aren't too cold with no snow, enough activities to entertain but not enough to draw too big of a crowd, enough trees to provide shade on a hot day but not so many that you can't see the horizon, close to family and friends, away from the maddening crowds, convenient to the interstate highway system but surrounded by roads meant for riding and driving.

I've learned that at times I'd like to have a vehicle other than a motorcycle for daily transport. Grocery shopping is a challenge. I have to gauge the volume of my saddlebags while wandering the aisles of the store. Perhaps another sports car... I have not learned how I could possibly take all the toys I'd like to have available with me on the road, but have learned that I don't need all of those toys.

I have learned that I enjoy being lazy. I may need to find something productive to do as some time, but for now I don't have to.

I bought some movies yesterday: "Wild Hogs" since I've been to most of the sites used in the shooting of the movie; "City Slicker" because it was only $5; and "Big Trouble in Little China" because we were talking about it. So, if my travels lead me to areas without television reception (like Chris and Don's yard), I'll have something to watch.

Time to start packing things away. I'll soon be on the road again.


CiaoBella! said...

We're so jealous of your adventure! We loved Green Valley south of Tucson, Wellton east of Yuma (if you like stockyards) as a couple places out of the way yet handy to the world!

Have fun as you start this next adventure! Friends of Tom's are heading to Williams outside of Flagstaff (30 mi north?) for their hog and outback country. We've never tried it so---???


Frank said...

Hey! We unschoolers follow the "every day is a learning experience" philosophy semi-officialy.

Just the way we sailors know that "cruising" means working on your boat in exotic locations. Kinda like RVing! (grin)

Paige and Dave said...

Yeah, but have you brought home your satellite dish on the bike yet?

Scott said...

No dish yet, and I coould use one now. Silly me.

Felipe V. Batayola said...

Checked out some ruins? Of course you have, silly me. Enjoy your blogs, by the by. If you haven't heard Ken left Udub and works for the Sound Transit; started last week. That's off his back. Screw em, says I! As for me; enjoying the grandkids and working as little as possible.