Friday, June 6, 2008

Let's talk about the weather

What the heck is going on up there? Snow in the passes! In June? It snowed in Yellowstone, too!

The weather is going to play a big part in a lot of planned events that are coming up soon.

I'm not going to come north to sit inside my rv while it rains outside. I am hooked on sunshine and warm temperatures.

Get the drum circle going and start the sun dance!


Anonymous said...

What is going on is that the experts have no clue. They say La Nina, they say cold water in the North Pacific, they say pollution from Asia. They say quite a lot they actually know very little. The smiling idiots on the TV just tell everyone what they want to hear, partly sunny (somewhere but not here), mumble mumble mumble(temps 10-15 degrees below normal), snow at 2500 feet, accumulations of 10-15 inches.
Ah well if we wanted something else would move somewhere else.

The forecast is for moderating temps and conditions in next several weeks. The experts just didn't say where that moderation was going to occur, Puget Sound, northern tier states or Baja California.

That's what is great about an RV, you go to the sun, you don't wait for the sun.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed this, Rick Steves traveled to Iran. His blog is attached. Seems that the only people we need to fear are the wanna be dictators, no matter where they reside, WDC or Tehran.

Enjoy the light reading

Scott said...

Hard to believe that they'll let Steves smoke pot in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Robert says: I hope the weather gets better too. Steve and I have our MSF course on the 20th and we've only gone riding a few times. Maybe the sun will follow you up. Bryce and Zion sound cool. We'll have to plan a ride there sometime. Are you going to hit Arches too?