Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cold, wind and snow

I guess I'm just not going to see everything on this trip. RV parks are scarce in northern Utah and their are only 51 in all of Wyoming according to the Wyoming Campground Association. Most are full of pipeline workers and wind farm workers, year round.

I almost got stuck trying to turn around to get out of a National Forest campground, found out that you need to make a reservation two days in advance at Steinaker State Park and I am getting very tired of driving in 30 mile per hour winds.

Highway 191 is a great road to drive or ride - but not in a motorhome. Running along the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area, it crosses the plateaus at 7,000 to 8,000 feet, the snow fences are blown over, with semis crawling up and down the 8% grades, but the vistas are amazing. A person can see forever - if your eyes can focus after all of the bouncing on the uneven pavement. I've learned to put things away and secure them. I saw two moose, a badger, snow geese and swan on my drive.

Today I'm in Fort Bridger at (oddly enough) the Fort Bridger RV Park. A nice, quiet park with wifi and cable television. There are no trees so the wind is bouncing the coach around. The snow has stopped falling.

I've already visited the old fort. Originally it was Jim Bridger's trading post on the Oregon Trail, then the Mormons bought it, then in 1858 it became a frontier fort. It was a stop for the Pony Express and the Overland Stage. It was abandoned in 1890 and all of the buildings sold off. In 1933 it became a historical landmark and the old fort was rebuilt. It is now the site of the mountain man rendezvous on Labor Day weekend.

I've made a reservation at a park in Lander, Wyoming for the next week or so. The weather is supposed to improve this weekend.

It's snowing again.


CiaoBella! said...

What, no frozen dinosaurs??!!

Anonymous said...

Robert G. says, "Welcome back to reality" It's been way below average temps around here now for months. Bring your long johns for the Oregon ride.