Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grand Canyon, Day 1

I arrived at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park via the east entrance and got my first view of the canyon from Desert View. Overwhelming. Every time I turned my head a few degrees I was greeted with another postcard worthy view.

It's a beautiful day and I am anxious to unload the bike and visit all of the view points identified in the Grand Canyon Guide. I had hoped to get lucky and obtain a spot in Trailer Village where hook ups are available and rigs over 30' are allowed. Alas, the village is full. I continued to Mather Campground hoping that they could accommodate my RV and trailer (about 40'). They felt my pain and bent over backwards to get me and my stuff settled in for a couple nights. They allowed me to use a site normally saved for administrative purposes. I parked, unloaded the bike and headed back east to start my exploration of the canyon.

There is no rim trail to speak of east of Pipe Creek Vista. Parking areas are provided off Desert View Drive to allow access to the rim. At some wide spots in the road, there are well travelled unofficial trails to the edge. I tried them all.

I started my hike of the rim trail at Yavapai Observation Station and headed east to Pipe Creek Vista. A little over 2 miles of uneven mostly paved path. I need
shorts! I caught the free shuttle back to the parking lot where I left my bike and went back to the RV camp to get my shorts. Too bad I forgot my sunscreen for my knees. I returned to the Yavapai Observation Station and hiked the rim to the park headquarters and the Mather Amphitheater. There I listened to a series of ranger programs about the Condors and the fossils that can be seen in the area. I returned for another program in the evening. It was the perfect time to be under the stars - new moon and cloudless. Just beautiful.

My plan for the next day is to complete the hike of the rim trail to Hopi Point (the trail normally goes much farther to Hermits Rest but is closed for repairs) and see the mules.

Stay tuned. Remember that if you click on the photos you will get to see the picture full size. Then hit your back arrow and return to the blog.


Paige and Dave said...

Hope you can see the view with a few clouds blowing by, the shadows cast by the clouds make hypnotic pattern across the landscape. DAL

CiaoBella! said...

Love the pictures. It sounds as tho u r thoroughly immersed in canyon knowledge. What happened to Stormtrooper?? A girl?

Scott said...

Not sure what you mean Mary. Thom is Stromtrooper. He'll meet me in Yellowstone at the end of the month.

Erica said...

LOL! Love the pics, Dad! Keep 'em coming. =)
PS - State next weekend, it'll be fun. Woot woot!!