Thursday, April 10, 2008

Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt

Riding the heart of the hills of Texas is a blast. We did about 220 miles today. Most of what we rode yesterday (in reverse) plus the Three Twisted Sisters.

The roads are in nice shape, two lane, no shoulder, often no guardrail and not much traffic. Watch for rocks and gravel. I wouldn't recommend these roads for beginners and intermediates like me need to pay attention. The curves have no banking and at times fall away from the apex of the turn.

Today I saw camels, giraffes, gnus, antelope, llamas, more goats, sheep, horses, longhorns, mules and an armadillo (but it doesn't count cuz it was flat on the side of the road).

The weather toady is sunny and 90 degrees. Quite a change from yesterday's weather ahead of the storm.

We'll be on the road headed for Louisiana tomorrow - at a leisurely pace. We'll spend another night in Texas.


CiaoBella! said...


Scott said...

..and giraffes! A exotic animal preserve. There are a lot of hunting ranches here with "exotic trophy animals" but I don't think they were hunting the camels or giraffes.

Anonymous said...

You da man Scott. Three sisters!
I do love hearing of your adventures. If you ever get up to Minnesota in your travels give me a hollar. We have plenty of room for you! mktobob Bob