Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ho hum, another nice day

Eighty degrees and sunny. I accompanied Dave and Paige when they went to visit their friends Sid and Violy. Sid made gumbo and I made a pig of myself. Paige just brought me some leftovers - urp! Sid and Dave served in the Navy together at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

This is a picture of my home sweet home (for the next 5 nights) in Whispering Meadows RV Park in Lake Charles, LA. It's a fairly new park, very neat and tidy with paved roads and pull-thrus. No extra charges for services, free wifi internet. I do wish I could get more than 2 television stations, but I'll address that in the future with some sort of dish system.

Dave and I will be taking a few rides in the area and Sid says he'll take me golfing. I'll be back with stories and pictures if there are any worth sharing (maybe even if there aren't).


Frank said...

Let us know how the area looks post-Rita. It was blasted pretty hard by that 'cane.

CiaoBella! said...

Glad you're settled in for a few days; we were beginning to think you would just keep going and going and going. Staying put and relaxing is good! By the by, gas is much more expensive up here. Yesterday was 80! but today is back to normal! I told Mom you were heading for Louisiana and Pam said Arkansas, too! Have fun!

Scott said...

There are many houses still boarded up and some blue (tarp) roofs can be seen. I'll keep my eyes open while we are riding today. Only 49 degrees outside and a high of 66 expected - brrrr.

Anonymous said...

I've just spent over an hour catching up on your travels. What a pleasurable read! It's good to see that your are enjoying your journey. (Eclectic Dawn from HSATF)