Sunday, April 27, 2008

There goes my security blanket

Paige and Dave are on their way to Maryland. Feels funny to be sitting here looking out my window and not see their circus train. Who's going to make sure that I have a reservation or that I eat too much? Who's going to fix my screw ups? Who am I going to ride with?

Forget what I said about having too many clothes. The high today is supposed to be about 55 - 15 degrees below normal. Looking at the weather in the Four Corners area shows that the lows are still in the 20's. I may delay my visit to that area until it warms up. That's the nice part about not really having a schedule.

Dave and I got in one last ride yesterday. The roads around here are wonderful riding. I almost made the ride memorable. We made a pit stop at a gas station after 80 miles. I intended to fill my tank, but was ignored in the store so I decided to show them and head on down the road to the next station. We saw a few former gas stations. I normally go about 135 miles on a tank of gas. When I reached 120 miles I started conserving fuel - coasting down hills and laying off the throttle. Every sign we saw for the next little town brought hope, then disappointment. I found a station after 169 miles (Dave says 167.5).

This just served to reinforce my belief that I should never pass up a gas station or a bathroom.


CiaoBella! said...

No schedule, that's it! Slow and easy. Mom was out yesterday and I'll see her again Wed. Something about her feet swelling and she's limping a bit. Back to the doc.

Anonymous said...

Do you miss us yet? I know what you mean about the weather. It's cold and damp here in Tennessee. Stay warm- paige