Friday, April 25, 2008

Quiet days

A couple of quiet days. Overcast and drizzly, threat of thunderstorms from the weatherman. We've ridden in the rain too much and have become fairweather riders. Actually, it feels good to do nothing now and then.

We had breakfast at 'The Smokehouse Cafe', home of the world's largest biscuits. Their motto is "Walk in, waddle out". The biscuits are huge and tasty. The sausage was good, too. I saved half for later. The cafe is covered in license plates, dollar bills, bandannas, just about anything that can be stapled to the walls or ceiling. The waitress regaled us with some of the stories associated with the donated items.

I've spent part of the morning planning my trip west. From here I'll try to get to Oklahoma City for a night, then Amarillo and on to Albuquerque. I've learned to not plan on driving more than about 300 miles per day. That's about six hours and about one tank or $100 worth of gas. I'll look for a base camp to explore the Four Corners area, maybe in Farmington or Durango. There is so much to see in the area. Tony Hillerman convinced me to visit the area. Maybe I can help Leaphorn and Chee solve a murder mystery while I'm there.
I'm still pinching myself.


Frank said...

I love Hillerman; but more significantly while you're in that area, ya gotta drive Hwy. 666, even though the scaredy-cat weenies have renumbered it.

Bob said...

Has the weather improved in ES? Two years ago Sue and I made the trip and thought the riding was GREAT! If you ever get to Minnesota make sure you stop in. We have plenty of free parking on our property. Bob Mktobob