Sunday, April 20, 2008

Route 4

I visited Bryan at the Edelweiss Inn and got the maps of the rides for the Eureka Springs Ride, Rally, Ride which he hosts and starts later this week. Due to projected inclement weather, he gave us the maps early. We rode Route 4 today. It took us over, around and through 150 miles of the Osage Valley.
The main industry of Eureka Springs is tourism. In the valley, the economy is Agra driven. The name 'Tyson' is prominent - as in Tyson Turkeys. I found something else produced by nature that I could do without while riding my bike - the smell of turkey farms. The valley is rich and fertile, the fields are full of fat, (and I presume) happy cows.
The roads are cut in to the rocks. The picture is of Dave and some riders from Oklahoma at a picnic spot that is in an overhang. There was some damage evident from the heavy rains they've had this spring. We navigated around one slide area that had the road down to one gravel lane.
Eureka Springs occupies a chasm and is filled with painted ladies - Victorian houses. The roads and sidewalks are steep and lined with touristy industries. Paige saw a couple yarn shops and Dave silently groaned. The town is very biker friendly, has a multitude of biker bars and shops. Paige groaned. I sat in the back seat of the Jeep and agitated the situation.


Anonymous said...

Scott.....I truly wish I could be there with you guys. Eureka Springs is a favorite place of mine. I think that after Lou (hombldr) died I found it hard to go back to a place that he loved so much and took me too. Maybe once my wife and I get our Minnie Winnie we may go back.

My wife hasn't stopped talking about 'our' Minnie Winnie since I brought the subject up. This weekend she was asking me if we could tow a small high mpg car behind it and I told her about you towing your trailer. I've been checking the Internet pretty regualarly just to sample what kinds of MW's are out there. It's too bad that most of the MW's that are out there are the really long ones. I'm only interested in the small ones but they are few and far betweeen.


Scott said...

I wish you were here too, Alain. You could show me Lou's country and it would almost be like meeting him thru his almost brother.
I hope you find your dream machine. My friend tows a Jeep Liberty and his Harley behind his diesel pusher using a special tow dolly. My Minnie could tow his rig. I can take a picture if you're interested.