Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oklahoma blows and KOA sucks.

The birds in Oklahoma don't migrate - they don't have a choice - the wind just blows them to their next home. Forty to fifty mile per hour wind gusts. Driving I40 is very stressful due to the wind and poor condition of the road.

I have stayed at four KOAs now, with only one good experience. I won't say never, but I should. I stopped in Calumet, OK last night at a KOA that advertised free wifi on the miles of billboards that I read along the way. I asked about it before I paid for the spot. No problem. Then I find out that the last storm blew away their antennas and there is no wifi and no television and that I was paying to park in the middle of a parking lot. Kind of like Ronnie's experience with Motel 6.

I'll be in Texas tonight and hope for a better nights stay. I'm stealing internet from a someone named Bobby right now, while sitting outside a Denny's.


CiaoBella! said...

I'm printing pages of your blog for Mom as I type. Pam, Mom and I are going to lunch, probably with Madison Martina, too. Sorry about your night but thanks, Bobby!

Anonymous said...

Amarillo By Mornin'
Over from Calumet
Everything that I got
Is just what I've got on.
When that sun is high in that Texas sky,
I'll be buckin' at the county fair.
Amarillo By Mornin'
Amarillo I'll be there.


Shannon said...

How can you make a judgement call from one poor choice you made? Oklahoma has some fabulous places to travel...of course, you have to get off of I40. As far as the roads, Ivetravel from Cali to FL and the road are about the same from one state to the next. The KOA in Checotah is an award winning camp site. Guess you should of stopped there.