Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Route 5 - dirty bikes

Two cyber friends from the Honda Shadow ACE Tourer forum arrived in town yesterday and settled in to the Edelweiss Inn (owned and operated by Bryan and Cindy Sumpter - also members of HSATF). Rod rides a black Tourer and Larry has a mint and cream T. We shot the breeze and decided to meet this morning at 9 for a ride. As they have to be home on Thursday, I decided to take them and a couple riding a Goldwing on one of the weekend rides - Route 5 that covers 142 miles and took us north in to Missouri. We crossed Table Top Lake a couple times and drove through Dogwood Canyon. It was aptly named. At about the half way point the skies darkened, lightening cracked the clouds and thunder rumbled across the valley. We took refuge under the awnings of a Sonic Drive-in on the outskirts of Green Forrest. After about half an hour the storm passed by and we resumed the ride - dressed in foul weather gear and minus the Wing. By the time we got back to Eureka Springs, the sky was clear and the afternoon sun warm. We said our "See ya laters" and came back to the park to wash our filthy bikes. Of course as soon as we finished, the skies opened again.

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CiaoBella! said...

Love the pictures and glad you're riding a lot. I printed your blog for Mom, it's better than trying to relay what you say. She's gonna' love it! You sound really happy. Oh! Acupuncture for a couple weeks was the cure!