Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Movin' on

I'm outa here tomorrow. I spent the day scrubbing the trailer and the front of the RV. My back is a little sore and red from lack of sunscreen - but I had my hat on! I'll get started for Tularosa, New Mexico about 9 in the morning - just after rush hour and before lunch break for the working stiffs of Phoenix. I should get thru Tucson before the afternoon rush (according to Dave). I'll stick to I-10 (I still can't bring myself to say "the ten") and spend Thursday night in Lordsburg. Ever since I first saw "Stage Coach" starring John Wayne (1939) , I've wanted to visit the area. I'm sure it's nothing like the movie set, but I can mark it off the list. I should be hooked up at Christine's early on Friday. She has a few things planned for me - like sliding on the sand dunes at White Sands.

I may not have access to the internet for a while - be patient.


Frank said...

Lordsburg! Yes! I, too, simply HAD to stay in Lordsburg once while passing through because of Stagecoach. Helluva movie.

I call it I-10 and I grew up with it! "The ten" is waaaaaay to affected for my taste.

Anonymous said...

Rob asks, whose Christine?

Scott said...

Christine is my sister.