Friday, April 11, 2008

On the road again

The heart of Texas may have stolen my heart. I was looking at real estate in the area last night. Koyote Ranch is the perfect place for an event like "Thunder in the Hills", but the sign says they are biker friendly - I think they are biker rip offs. I don't know if $39 is a lot in this area, but it's more than I've spent per night anyplace else. $3.86 for a gallon of gas at their pumps, $3.19 just 20 miles away in Kerrville. The park is beautiful, the spaces large, the help (Gloria) surly. They have cabins and lots of tent spaces. They think they have a monopoly - they don't. Shop around - there are lots of parks in the area. I'm just outside of Houston tonight, then on to Lake Charles for a week before heading to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Frank said...

So you're heading North from Lake Charles and not going East to New Orleans? If you head to N.O., let us know and we'll give you a coupla phone numbers of people to hook up with.

Have fun!

Scott said...

The focal point of the trip was Eureka Springs on the weekend of the 19th/20th. We filled in the gaps well on the way here and the trip home is up to my discretion. Driving this set up in the city is no fun (and my friend's 40 footer plus toad is worse).