Friday, April 18, 2008

Driving to Texarkana

Had a thunderstorm this morning before leaving Louisiana. First rain since I left Washington.

Pulled in to the KOA in Texarkana. I'm excited to have cable for a night after five days with two channels. This park is very near the freeway and is older and a little worn at the edges compared to the Lake Charles park. It's also costs and a bit more per night.

I'll be in Eureka Springs, AR tomorrow. That was sort of the whole point of this portion of the trip. Sadly the Honda Shadow ACE Tourer Forum turn out is going to be small this year. I have a nine day reservation at the RV park. If the weather holds I'll take advantage of the opportunity to ride in the Ozarks. From what everyone tells me, I'll be in hog heaven.

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CiaoBella! said...

Just checking in from E.Wash.
Enjoy Arkansas!