Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Says who?

Did I miss the special United Nations resolution that proclaimed Rayne, LA the "Frog Capitol of the World"? or the Presidential proclamation that Crowley, LA is the "Rice Capitol of the World"? Inquiring (or curious) minds want to know.

Carolyn worked at Don's Seafood when she was just a kid.


Frank said...

Ya gotta stop by Breaux Bridge, the crawfish capitol of the world! Depending on how you head to Arkansas, you probably won't pass by Breaux Bridge. Does it rain frogs in Rayne?

Scott said...

All I saw along Hiway 90 was crawfish farms and rice paddies - no frog ponds. Saw the sign for Breaux Bridge, also saw a sign for Chloe!

CiaoBella! said...

Was that Seafood place in Rayne or Crowley???

Oh, yeah! And Happy Birthday!!!!
Love ya'!

Scott said...

Don's Seafood and Steakhouse is in Lafayette. Nobody remembered working with Carolyn way back when. How long ago was that Carolyn?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Scott from your old friend on the HSATF forum.....alepel

Hope you have a great day and are remembered by all of your friends.

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

I was 20-25yo when I worked at Don's in Lafayette. Hard work but I made a lot of money and had a good time.

It's hard NOT to have a good time in that part of the US. They celebrate everything. They talk 'funny' too.

Happy B-day!!!!


CiaoBella! said...

Frank still talks funny sometimes! Give 'em some Creole, cher!

Frank said...

Mais jamais de ma vie! Y'all makin' fun of da way we tawk en la nouvelle France?

Putain yankees! (Jus' kiddin', mes vieux!)

Joyeux anniversaire, Scott!

Now I gotta go pass myself by da sto' an' make some groceries.