Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's raining cats and dogs and lizards and frogs

It is raining. Buckets o' rain. Gallons. I'm glad our RV park is on the top of the hill, because everything below us may get washed away.
Dave and I did go for a ride, north in to Missouri, then west almost to the Oklahoma border, then south to Springdale. Dave had hoped to pick up a part from the local Freightliner dealer for his coach. They could tell him everything about it, but they didn't have one on the shelf. We had to continue south to Mulberry (just off I-40) to get it. This added about 130 miles to our original 140 mile run. To save time we spent a few miles on 540 at 75 mph. Freeway travelling is very tiring. The dirty air from the big rigs tosses me around quite a bit. We got the part and continued east on 40 until we got to the turn off for 23. This is the real pig trail that everyone brags about riding up to Eureka Springs. It is a nice (fun) road on two wheels.
For some reason big trucks think they need to drive on this road, too. On top of that, they think they need to go fast. We happened across one driver that didn't quite make it. He obviously cut across a hairpin turn too sharply, hooked his trailer wheels on the shoulder of the inside lane (he was supposed to be on the outside) and the trailer tipped over. What a mess.
I had me a mess o' catfish and hush puppies for dinner. I guess I'll snuggle in and read tonight. The weather is supposed improve for the weekend.

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CiaoBella! said...

Mom got your phone message; she was with me at Applebee's and Michael's Craft Store. Tried to call back but you were already out of service. Ross called too and left message. She was going to David M's b/day tonight. Ciao!
Bona note. Great adventure day 4 u!